Saturday, March 21, 2009
For sound I used a kit that was suggested to another member of the Benheck forum community. I figured that it would suit my needs and so I went ahead and got it. It is a stereo 1W amplifying circuit. I put it together and everything works great. I'm using 2 4ohm speakers from a Dell sound bar. I'm pretty sure that thing was never meant to be opened. It had 6 or 7 screws in it but even after removing them all, examining it for several hours, and prying on cracks I couldn't get it open. I finally took out my dremel with a cutting disc and started cutting it up. The amplifying IC can run off a wide range of voltage so I decided that since I was using 2 4 ohm speakers rather than the recommended 8 ohm that i would use 5 volts. It works great.

Here are some pictures of the set up with the head pone jack attached as well. When head phones are plugged in sound through the speakers is turned off. The headphone jack works great.

From Dreamcast Laptop

I didn't want to just use the metal post from the potentiometer for volume control cause it wouldn't match the style of the tablet. I also didn't want to salvage a knob from something else because they didn't match what I wanted either. I wanted something that had a larger diameter and wasn't very thick. The only possession of mine that I could find that had a knob I could use was in active use. So I settled on making my own knob. I used a hole saw and cut out 3 pieces of acrylic that were the same size, and then one more of the next size up so that it would have a backing. I glued them all together, put a notch in it with my dremel and painted it. It turned out really well. Here are the final results.

From Dreamcast Laptop

From Dreamcast Laptop

(ignore the dust on it, it was stuff that settled on it after painting was complete)


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