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Friday, January 30, 2009
Well I have started work on my next big project. I'm going to make a Sega Dreamcast Tablet. LED modded 15" screen, tray type disc drive, docking station, and some other things. I have already started work on this but the first thing that I did was to take pictures and then make 3d models in Google Sketch-up so that I could actually manipulate all the components to where I want them while coming up with a design. I got pictures of all the internals except for the mother board because the mother board was pretty easy to find in a google search but the other boards were a bit harder and you couldn't find a picture of just the specific board.

Click on any picture to have an enlarged picture.

First off is the Controller board:

From Dreamcast Laptop

56k Modem Top

From Dreamcast Laptop

56k Modem Bottom

From Dreamcast Laptop

GD-Rom controller board

From Dreamcast Laptop

GD-Rom top

From Dreamcast Laptop

GD-Rom bottom

From Dreamcast Laptop

Now onto the Sketch-Up models. They definitely aren't life like or anything, they were just all made quickly but are still almost exact. I estimated the height of all the caps and IC's but other than that the sizes should be accurate and the way I made all of the ICs and caps is by overlaying a picture onto the board in sketch-up and drew the caps and ICs on top of the board according to the pictures so they all should be pretty accurate. Also the motherboard is the most well known revision with the GD-Rom controller board if that wasn't obvious. Also I did not make a sketch-up model of the 56k modem.

Just a quick note about these files and where they are uploaded to. They are uploaded to a google site. Since I don't have my own server space or anything I had to use this free service to host my models for you guys to download. When you click the link it should bring up the download right away. I'm not sure if there is a bandwidth limit ut I'm sure there is or there is some kind of limitation to using this so if it doesn't work I'm sorry and try again a different day or something.

Controller Board


If any of the links don't work try heading over to the site where the files are hosted to download the files. And if that doesn't work, sorry try again a different day.


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