GD-Rom "Pin-outs"

Saturday, January 31, 2009
*Disclaimer! I am not responsible for anything you do which may*
*result in injury or dea...d electronics. (you thought I*
*was going to say death didn't you?)*
*Perform these actions at your own risk!*

Well the title may be a little misleading but that's what I have essentially done. On both the GD-Rom controller board and the Mobo there is a point on the board that corresponds to each trace under the the connector for the GD-Rom. I know that some people have given up work on their Dreamcast portables because they have torn up a trace on the board. Well now hopefully those people can continue their projects again. I took a couple high-res scans of both areas on the boards where the pins are located. On the GD-Rom controller board they are on the same side as the connector and most points are near the connector and on the Mobo all the points are on the opposite side of the board directly under the connector.

I am 95% sure that the pin-out for the Mobo is correct as I tested each one with my multi-meter since I couldn't just follow the traces. The one on the GD-Rom connector should all be correct although I didn't use my multi-meter on every connection, just every 5 or so to make sure that I was still on track. But before you use any of this I would suggest that you test the trace and the point to make sure that you are doing the right one.

I want to add in though that I have done the 50 pin relocation using this information because I had 4 traces that were torn up and my dreamcast IS working. But regardless please keep in mind that this information is UNCOMFIRMED! I'm putting it up here so that others can have a bench mark and a starting place and something to compare their results to if they wish to help try and confirm my results.

Click on these two pictures to download the High Res. scans.

From Dreamcast Laptop

GD-Rom controller board side: 2708 x 2380, 4.38MB

From Dreamcast Laptop

Mobo side: 2576 x 1828, 2.88MB

So now onto the pin-outs. I would highly suggest that if you use these MAKE SURE TO TEST YOUR CONNECTION FIRST! Make sure that it is correct before you connect anything! I also would suggest to not try and do the relocation of the GD-Rom controller board using only these points! It would be very easy to mix up a point or accidentally solder your wire to the wrong point in which case you finish, plug it in and it doesn't work or worse you could fry your Dreamcast. Anyways here are the pin-outs.

From Dreamcast Laptop

From Dreamcast Laptop

Well those were my findings. Once again I want to say that this information is unconfirmed as I am the only one who has tested it. Hopefully another person or possibly even two people can try it out and then we can work together to try and get the confirmed results out.


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